"God Bless Your Day"


Hello and God bless your day!


My name is Dale Similton. Hopefully, you will find this website full of encouragement. Not only will you learn more about my family and overall life, you will also learn more about my creative side. Although my life's work revolves around young people and inspiring and caring for them through my teaching, coaching and loving on them, I also aspire to speak to the needs of adults as they journey through life. 


As you explore this website, take some time to reflect on your own life and life's work.  God has called every one of us to serve others in some way.  We have an awesome opportunity to encourage, inspire and bless others EVERY DAY!  When you encounter me - whether it is face-to-face or electronically - and I say "God bless your day!" I firmly believe that God hears my greeting as a request and grants you whatever you have a need for in the moment.


Because of the calling on my life to minister to young people, I am sharing information about my Basketball Camps and Clinics where I live out one of my greatest passions: coaching.  Also, I enjoy sharing my life story with groups as a means for motivating and encouraging others toward faithfulness in how God works miracles through the least of us.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have a group or an occasion where I can be a blessing to others.


Last, but not least, you are welcome to explore and listen to my song titled, "Falling Away From Me," which I was inspired to write several years ago while working on a book about my life, also titled "Falling Away From Me."  Both are available for purchase.  I hope you enjoy your visit!  


God Bless Your Day,

Dale E. Similton



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