The song, "Falling Away From Me" was inspired by God. He allowed me to reflect on my patience concerning working with students at a retreat I attended. He made it clear to me that my patience was nowhere near His grace that He gives freely. It was then, where He told me to write a song. A song that would be inspirational to all people and ensure them that He will wait on them.


So, I asked God why He wanted me to write this song as opposed to having one of the great, well-known song writers do it. God truly has a sense of humor and simply stated to me that when they look at you, they will know that this song came from God.

Photo by Jeff Siner

About the Song

"Falling Away From Me"

Music & Song by Dale Similton

Lead Vocalist, Arrangement key Board & Arrangement & Acoustic Guitar: Jerry Kemper

Back-up Vocalist: Randy Johnson

Electric Guitar: John Sharp

Bass: Leighton Bryan

Drums: Joseph Scriven

Brass: Kenny Durbin

Video Created by Daniel Similton

Photo by Jeff Siner

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