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I have been coaching basketball for over twenty-five years now and have been conducting my own camps for about twenty of those years.


My goal is to instill in every child three elements: Courage, Confidence, and Character. With these, the students will be motivated to become better people as well as better athletes. The unity that brings a team together happens at my camps time and time again, due to the love of God that is shared throughout each day of camp.


My hope is that when the week is over and campers are given their "Love Me Time" camp T-shirts, they will love their parents, their teammates, and others even more than before. By doing so, I encourage them to embrace the gifts that God has given them in order to make the world a better place.


Photo by Jeff Siner

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This book details my life journey of courage, confidence, and character, which has lead me to the Hall Of Fame.

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