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 I have been happily married for over twenty-two years and have been blessed with two sons, a Freshman in College and a Junior in College.  My son who will be a Freshman in College will be attending a Christian College on a Full Scholarship (Academic and Track Scholarship)  to run Track where he's is able to strengthen his faith in God and excel academically, while participating in track.


My other son, who will be a Junior, will be attending a new Christian College.  He is excited about getting his degree in Sports Management with a Minor in Business.  While, he continues to grow spiritually into the man that God desires him to be.


They have always made my wife and I proud as they have interacted with their peers and teachers and achieved success in their athletic endeavors. My wife is a devoted mother who is passionate about serving young people, as they seek God's calling for their lives.


One past time that I truly enjoy is joining my wife in her shopping trips to Costco and BJ's, taking orders along the way. We get excited about family movies nights, which we have on Fridays or Saturdays. Of course, we love to spend our vacation times at the beach just like any other family.  Each weekend, we look forward to spending our time in family worship on Sunday mornings.


Photo by Diedra Laird

Dale Similton Hall Of Fame 2015

Photo by Jeff Siner

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This book details my life journey of courage, confidence, and character, which has lead me to the Hall Of Fame.

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